We are going to explain what heat maps are and what they are for. We are also going to see some examples so that you can understand the concept better.


Heatmaps are a tool used to understand what users do on your website: where they click, how they move, what they look at or ignore. It is the representation of data through a color code, which is built based on the number of clicks or areas most visited by a user. Heatmaps help you understand how users interact with your website pages, so you can find answers to critical business questions like “why aren’t my users converting?” or “How do I get more visitors to see my product sheets?”


Using heat maps, you can analyze if your users are:
  • Viewing important content
  • Find and use a page’s main links, buttons, opt-ins, and CTAs
  • Distracted with clickable items
  • Experiencing problems on different devices
Now that you know what heatmaps are and why you should start using them on your website, keep exploring the following videos.

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