In this post we explain what KPIs are in terms of Digital Marketing and how we should define these indicators within our company's dashboard in order to monitor the effectiveness of our actions.


KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, are indicators that help us measure and quantify our work, having previously defined objectives and activities that help us achieve those objectives. KPIs have been used in the world of economics and finance for many years with the sole objective of improving the efficiency and productivity of one or a set of services, thus ensuring that our work team functions as the “best musical orchestra ”. The acronym KPI comes from “Key Performance Indicators”. In digital marketing, we can measure so many different things that sometimes we do not know how to distinguish what are the relevant metrics of a business. KPIs should be the most important metrics by which we measure the health status of a project.

Examples of KPIs in Marketing

The decision of how to choose the KPIs should proceed on the indicators that really affect your business or company. But, to facilitate their creation, here is an extensive list of KPI examples that you can apply to both your SEO and Social strategies.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We have to measure the income generated by our marketing campaigns and compare it with the expense they represent.

Sales Increase

The objective is to demonstrate that our marketing campaign is influencing an increase in sales.

Traffic Sources

The objective is to measure and evaluate the different means or sources through which we attract visits to the website of our business.

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