Video Marketing

To refresh your memory - or introduce the concept - I am going to explain what Video Marketing is and it's importance. Then, we will take a look at a simple example that will help you understand the concept better
video marketing
If an image is worth a thousand words, how much do you think a video is worth? It is no secret that video is increasingly booming when it comes to transmitting relevant content to potential customers of products and services. Video marketing can serve as a means to present procedures, promote customer testimonials, broadcast live events, courses, etc …

What is video marketing?

The definition of video marketing is quite simple, your brand creates videos that, in a more or less intrusive way for the user, promote your company in order to boost your sales. One of the advantages of video marketing within the digital ecosystem is that its impact can be easily measured. There are certain metrics, such as visualizations or views that you want to integrate within your dashboards or control panels to measure the return on investment.

What do I need to do to start a video marketing strategy?

Allocate resources
You must assign a budget for the creation and distribution of the videos. But we have good news, thanks to the technology available today, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, whether you are going to develop them internally or you are going to support yourself with freelancers or a content creation agency. The most important thing in video marketing is to transmit ideas, concepts and above all, trust. Elements you must-have for making videos:
  • Camera; luckily phones record at 4K and can be a good substitute for explanatory videos that do not require high definition.
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Lighting equipment
  • Editing software, we recommend Filmora 9, as it is cheap and very easy to use
With the above, you will have the basic elements to make your first videos internally. You can buy all the necessary equipment on Amazon.
Define the script or story you want to tell; the famous storytelling
Tell stories. Storytelling has never been as important as it is in video, so have a design meeting or brainstorm session. What stories do you want to tell? How are you going to count them? Simply telling your stories is not enough; You must engage your audience while you do it. How will you make your stories interesting? What will hook your audience?
Shoot the video
If you involve members of your company, you must have a lot of patience. This is most likely the first time they have found themselves in the situation of having to stand in front of a camera and explain the script you have outlined. Cut and start again as many times as necessary. You will see that as you move forward, the person being taxed transmits the concepts more confidently and clearly. Keep in mind that we are all different, some people have much more ease at the communicative level than others when it comes to transmitting ideas and concepts. Try to choose people with a more open, cheeky and dynamic profile to appear in the videos. Although like everything in life, it is a matter of practice. So if you don’t find a good match, be patient! Also, keep in mind that if there are parts that have not turned out well, you can cut them in post-production.
Be ruthless with your editing. Cut, cut, and keep cutting everything that seems strange. Service periods are short, so make the most of what users are giving you. The duration is very important, the video must be short. There is no set duration for marketing videos (although there are recommendations), but the general rule is that the shorter the better.
Publish your videos far and wide: embedded on a website, uploaded to YouTube owned by Google and on all of your social media channels. Then promote, promote, promote. Analyze. Track metrics and statistics to determine which videos work best and why. Although many ideas and concepts can be transmitted in a video, such as an advertisement explaining the advantages of our product or service, we want to focus on video marketing as one more typology of inbound marketing. Video Marketing Examples are all over the Internet. Look no further than your favorite brands, your Facebook, your YouTube home page, and there it is: a successful video marketing that has come into your eyes.

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