WordPress Consulting

When it comes to undertaking an online project, many questions arise. Many of our clients don't know whether or not to use WordPress, which plugins are best, or even where to start. That's why we've created this consulting service, so we can answer your questions and guide you to make your project a success.

We know what works since we have implemented it for many of our clients.

What does our WordPress Consulting service include?

Advice on hiring a Hosting: We guide you on the hosting that best suits your project. We also help you to hire it and to configure it.

Domain advice: We help you to choose the domain, to contract it and to configure it.

Themes and plugins to use: We recommend the template and plugins that your project really needs.

WordPress Security: We help you prevent and solve hacking and vulnerabilities on your website and set up a security system

SEO Positioning: We will guide you in how to optimize the content, images, SEO OnPage, speed to position you in the first relevant positions for your project.

Web design and UX: We guide you in how you should propose a design focused on conversion and with a high level of usability.

We guide you to the success of your project

Why is our WordPress consulting different?

Having a digital business forces you to make multiple decisions every day and accept the risks that come with it. Some decisions can generate growth for your business but others can generate losses and the burning of resources.

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We solve your business problems

How can a WordPress consultant help your business?

Our WordPress consulting service can help you make your project a success.

  • You are already using WordPress for your website or application, but feel that your solution could be better.
  • You've heard great things about WordPress, but you need to know if it's the right system for your project.
  • You are starting an advanced WordPress project and need help planning your initial approach and ongoing strategy.
  • You're ready for WordPress, but want to know about the different implementation methods. For example, should you use Advanced Custom Fields, Gutenberg, Pods, or Elementor?
  • You are looking to launch a WordPress e-commerce project using WooCommerce and need guidance.
  • You are looking to launch a WordPress ecommerce site using WooCommerce and need guidance.

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What else can we do for you?

Diseño y desarrollo Web​

Web design and development

We design scalable websites with a high level of usability and focus on conversion.

Diseño UX/UI

UX/UI Design

Focused on innovation, we prioritize functionality over design. To create digital products that attract, delight and keep your customers.



We optimize the conversion of any digital product with our iterative process.

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