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In Spain, SMEs account for more than 99% of the business fabric but their adaptation to new technologies is slow, due to more limited budgets when it comes to facing challenges such as digital transformation. If we also take into account the crisis generated by the COVID-19, the SME sector is more susceptible to suffer the ravages. This is why the state has promoted a series of measures to boost the sector.

The most important of these, the AceleraPYME Programme of, includes measures worth €250 million in the technological field to tackle the crisis generated by COVID-19. For this reason, the Spanish Government, within the framework of the Digital Agenda, is developing actions focused on improving their competitiveness by granting subsidies for the digitalisation of SMEs.

SME digitalisation subsidy application

In this context, the State will be able to financially support, through direct subsidies and financing from the Official Credit Institute ICO, the purchase and leasing of equipment and services for digitalisation, granting more than 200 million euros in subsidies over the next two years.

Do you want to know if your SME could be eligible for this aid?

If you want to know if your company is eligible for this type of aid you can complete the form that we have enabled in the following section: digitalisation aid for SMEs. In this way, we will contact you to study your case and if necessary help you to present all the necessary information to have a better candidacy.

Types of grants and subsidies

Acelera PYME Programme

The different lines of action have a maximum duration of up to three years, and are financed with European funds, specifically the ERDF and the ESF. The calls for proposals and tenders will be published in the coming weeks on the public platforms set up for this purpose.

  • Digital Talent
  • Digital Transformation of SMEs
  • Artificial Intelligence and Enabling Technologies
  • Data Economy and Digital Content
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Acelera Funding

You can consult the link with the grants and calls for applications that are being awarded by clicking on the following link

subenciones digitalizacion pymes acelera pyme portal

While there are specific action lines, if you are an SME looking to connect to the online world, become visible to your customers within the digital ecosystem, attract customers and gain brand reputation within the online world, you should ideally focus on obtaining the support specified in the SME Digital Transformation action line.

Digital Transformation of SMEs

What does it consist of? is going to launch the Acelera PYME Office and the Acelera PYME Office Network, whose objective is to provide advice and digital promotion for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a total budget of €14 million.

The Acelera PYME Office will be a platform for the digital transformation of SMEs and will provide support and advisory services for their digitalisation process. For its part, the Network of Acelera PYME Offices will involve a call for grants for the provision of a service of physical Digital Transformation Offices for the digital advice and promotion of SMEs.

Innocamaras Programme

InnoCámaras is a programme that promotes the adoption of the culture of innovation and its integration into business management, until it becomes a strategic tool that achieves sustained growth and improves competitiveness among small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is aimed at SMEs and the self-employed throughout Spain and has an Individual Innovation Support Plan that includes two phases:

Phase I: Maximum eligible cost of €1,200, fully pre-financed by the Chamber of Commerce and 100% financed by the ERDF and the Murcia Chamber of Commerce (free phase for the beneficiary company).

Phase II: Maximum eligible cost of 7.000 € (VAT not included), pre-financed in full by the beneficiary company and co-financed at 70% by ERDF, being therefore the maximum amount of aid per company of 4.900 €.

For more information related to Innocamaras you can access the following link

Subvención digitalización pymes innocamaras





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