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1. Discovery & objectives

Every digital business is different. Many marketing experts launch a tests without having a global vision of the business and the objectives that are pursued. The essential thing at this point is to find out which parts of your business have a performance below the optimum and know what is the reason.


2. Evaluate & Analyze

It is impossible to criticize a website without knowing where its visitors come from, to which destination pages they arrive and how they navigate through the site. At this point we identify and analyze carefully the areas that seem to have the greatest room for improvement.


3. Hypothesis

We empathize with your visitors (especially those who have not converted), and we hypothesize improvements to the website that can improve the conversion rate.


4. Testing

Transforming a business by making small adjustments is a myth. The extraordinary improvements come from extraordinary ideas. We take all the ideas that have been generated from the research and prioritize those large, disruptive and specific that will grow your business in the shortest time possible.


5. Implement improvements

We will apply the improvements suggested by the tests. In addition, we explore how ideas from your winning tests can be implemented in other parts of your conversion funnel.


6. Iteration and continuous optimization

Subsequent tests will be based on the result of previous tests. Each improvement is based on the success of the previous ones. Each time you increase your conversion rate it will be more difficult for competitors to get closer to your results.

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CRO - Optimización de la tasa de conversión

CRO Conversion Rate Optimization

"Our most disgruntled clients are the best source of learning, never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving"


Traffic Optimization​

"Marketing is not the art of finding intelligent ways to promote what you do, it's the art of creating genuine value for the customer."


Web Design and Development​

"If we want users to like our website, we must design it to behave like a nice person: respectful, generous and useful".


Digital Analytics

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion, the goal is to turn the data into information and information into insights."

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