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Using A/B test software to optimize a web page is a powerful way to increase the conversion rate of your website (that is, your ability to convert visitors into customers). Many companies, including Amazon and Google, use this technique. Here is our guide for beginners to understand what is the CRO and the A/B test softwares.

What does an A/B test software do?

If you have two possible owners for your website but you can not decide which one to use, you can run an A/B test in which half of your visitors will see title A, and the other half will see title B.

Then you can count the orders for each title and determine which title was obtained by a greater number of sales.

A test software A/B allows you to perform tests like this, although these tests often take several weeks to complete.

Multivariate tests, however, allow you to perform many of these tests at the same time!

For example, while you analyze what title to use, you can also try many other elements of the page (such as text, images, prices, offers and buttons), all at once. Each of your visitors will see a different combination of these elements, and then the multivariate test software will calculate, on average, which of the elements had the best performance. This information will help you design a high conversion “superpage”.

And we would be testing these variables all at the same time! Not only that, but the multivariate testing software will tell us which version of each item on the page, on average, attracted the most customers.

Powerful, right?

If you read this full article, you will know more about the conversion rate optimization (CRO) than 99% of digital marketing specialists!

What is the conversion rate?

When we say “conversion rate”, we refer to the percentage of visitors who end up reaching a certain goal on our website.

Typical objectives include making a purchase, sending a query form and signing up for a free newsletter.

Why do you need to increase your conversion rate?

You must make conversion rates your number one priority for these three reasons:

There is a lot of room for improvement. Most websites are losing sacks of money every day because they do a horrible job trying to sell products or services to their visitors.

Paid search will remain more competitive. And increasing your bids indefinitely is not a sustainable option over time.

A/B test software is now highly affordable and allows you to test changes on your website and inform you about what changes are preferred by most customers.

Unfortunately, an A/B test software does not tell you what to try. That’s where our experience comes into play. And all this website gives you an idea of ​​what we have the ability to do.

Some interesting benefits of increasing your conversion rate

If you double the conversion rate of your website, you will reduce your “cost per acquisition” (CPA) by half. This tool shows you how much more you will earn. (By the way, CPA means how much it costs to get each new customer).

However, when your conversion rate increases, we recommend that you do not relax to enjoy the benefits (however tempting it may be). Instead, we recommend that you take advantage of the fact that you can now pay double per visitor. This means

You can pay approximately twice as much per click in AdWords, which can give you a disproportionate number of additional visitors.

You can start advertising on previously expensive media such as full-page magazine ads, newspaper ads, direct mail, radio ads, etc …

Your affiliates can earn twice as much as before, and this will cause large affiliates to abandon your competitors and join you.

As the number of orders soars, your company gains more bargaining power with your suppliers, so your cost per unit sold tends to decrease, so the company becomes more efficient due to economies of scale.

In short, if you increase your conversion rate, your company will grow much more than you would expect!

Why many companies can double their conversion rate?

What is the current conversion rate of your website? one%? 5%? I do not know? A conversion rate of 10% means that of every 10 visitors to your site, nine leave empty-handed. Do you really think you could not reduce that number to eight out of 10?

Look at it in another way: to double your conversion rate, you only need to increase the conversion rate of your

Ads by 19%

Home page by 19%

Product page by 19%

Shopping cart for 19%

(The figure is 19%, not 25%, because each improvement is added to the previous one).

These increases may seem exorbitant, but to increase the conversion rate of your home page by 25%, for example, you should only make an improvement of 2.27% in ten aspects of your website. For example:

The proposed value of your company

The owner

The introductory text

The price

The guarantee

The picture

The readability

The usability

The navegation

The products

The offers

The opinions of clients

The call to action

The design of the website

The return policy

And the list goes on …

Does a 25% increase sound more achievable now?

In short, you must clear your desktop and start working to increase the conversion rate of your site, and hope that your competitors do not read it too.

Here we detail 104 techniques to optimize the conversion rate

Will these techniques work for your website?


We have applied these techniques to almost all types of websites, such as Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) websites as well as websites from various industries, including finance, health, travel, technology, leisure and food.

What should I do now?

If you have more questions and want to know how we work, contact us and one of our consultants will contact you for advice.

For further information on this and many other topics you can check out other articles in our blog where you will find references on this, and many more topics.

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