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By properly applying the conversion-enhancing techniques we share with you on this blog, you will see that the benefits of performing a good CRO directly impact an improved ROI.

Beginner’s guide to A/B and CRO test

Using A/B test software to optimize a web page is a powerful way to increase the conversion rate of your website (that is, your ability to convert visitors into customers). Many companies, including Amazon and Google, use this technique. Here is our guide for beginners to understand what is the

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101 techniques to increase the CRO conversion

101 techniques to increase the CRO conversion Avoid time division tests, also known as “before and after tests.” They do not work, we mention them in our list to advise you on how bad they are, keep in mind that your orders are not constant in time and it depend

Is CRO bad for SEO?

The big mistake that some digital marketing experts make is worrying about that their CRO efforts will be bad to organic positioning of the SEO website, or vice versa. The answer simply and completely is NO. There is no conflict between both. And the same thing happens the other way

4 common errors when working with CRO

The 4 CRO errors Error nº 1: ZECRO Effect  Sometimes it does not matter what you do on a website, the conversion rate will remain with no chage. Even if you leave the test active for a long period of time you will not get final results. In these cases is necesary

¿How to get to know if your new website is USELESS

Let’s think about you have a engineers and mechanics team and ask them to build a car for you with all the whims that you’ve always dreamed of. The team of experts, after two weeks, comes back to you and let you know that they already have it and gives

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