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optimizar mi web para móviles

5 ways to optimize my website for mobile

Despite the fact that we are in the digital era and that the mobile first paradigm is unquestionable, many web pages are still not prepared to be viewed properly from mobile devices. This is the main reason why we have developed this article with the 5 most basic keys to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Cuánto cuesta una campaña de marketing digital ROI

How much does a digital marketing campaign cost?

Today we are going to talk about a question that we are constantly asked… How much do I have to spend on a digital marketing campaign? Or… How much should I invest in paid campaigns if I have never done it before?

Consultor digital

Digital marketing consultant: What is it and how can it help you?

Muy probablemente en tu empresa te han recomendado que busques un consultor digital. Ya sea, porque lo quieres fichar o porque quieres colaborar con el. Y aquí, es cuando empiezan los problemas. Que hace un consultor digital? o que conocimientos mínimos son necesarios? Estas preguntas pueden parecer absurdas. La realidad es que mucha gente se pregunta qué hace un consultor digital. Siendo sinceros, si preguntas a conocidos, es muy probable que la mayoría de tus compañeros tampoco sepan qué es un consultor digital o las ventajas de emplear uno en su negocio.

buyer persona

Buyer Persona Definition and Step by Step Guide for Creation

Un término que seguro que en alguna reunión has escuchado y que mucha gente hace referencia. En este post, te daremos una guía para crear el buyer persona de forma simple. No solo tendremos en cuenta aspectos del cliente si no que también aspectos de nuestra empresa. De tal manera, que tengamos una visión enfocada a tus necesidades.

departamento de marketing digital

How to Create a Digital Marketing Department

El departamento de marketing digital requiere de ciertas habilidades que muchas empresas no tienen internalizadas en sus departamentos de marketing actuales, es por ello que recurren a agencias de marketing digital. Grandes empresas ya llevan varios años internalizando y creando departamentos de transformación digital e innovación, sin embargo el panorama es distinto para pequeñas y medianas empresas.

UX es clave para CRO

4 reasons why UX is key to CRO

In our blog we have already addressed issues related to the CRO, but in this post we explain 4 reasons why the UX or user experience is key to a good CRO process.

glosario terminos digitales

Digital Marketing Terms Glossary

CRO? Inbound Marketing? Leads? Conversion funnel? Those of us who work in the digital environment know that many acronyms and anglicisms are commonly used to define concepts of the digital ecosystem. This article is a glossary of digital terms with a compilation of some of the most common and used terms in the internet business, with a brief explanation of each one, but keep in mind that there are many more.

The 25 key points of digital usability

The usability or user experience within a web is a very important factor to consider when we plan a design and development project or we want to launch an online project. Next we present an article that treats the usability in web sites with the 25 key points that we

Getting conversion in websites with reduced traffic

Why optimizing conversion is difficult for websites with little traffic? A good similarity would be in thinking of an empty store, where no one enters. It would be difficult to understand visitors to that store when you do not have many of them. The CRO is a practice that is

20 keys to increase the conversion rate

Making changes to your website can be heavy, expensive and often the results are not as expected and the conversion rate does not increase as predicted. Many marketing managers are daily faced with this dilemma. They must increase the conversion rate but the resources they have are often very limited,

tasa de conversión

6 factors that affect the conversion rate

There are six common factors in each improvements established in a website to improve the conversion rate. 1) Value proposal The value proposal, that is to say, what your site offers to its visitors, is the base to optimizing the conversion rate. If they see that benefits of your product

4 reasons for conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Many companies begin working on optimizing the conversion rate (CRO) without realizing its true potential. In this article we intend to explain carefully the three CRO benefits that can take your company to a growing virtuous circle. Reason n° 1: The obvious one, Optimizing the conversion rate makes you increase

Beginner’s guide to A/B and CRO test

Using A/B test software to optimize a web page is a powerful way to increase the conversion rate of your website (that is, your ability to convert visitors into customers). Many companies, including Amazon and Google, use this technique. Here is our guide for beginners to understand what is the

tecnicas de conversion

101 techniques to increase the CRO conversion

In this article we show you 101 conversion techniques that will allow you to optimize your website so that visitors end up achieving your business goals. But for a website to really convert, it is essential that it is well built from the ground up or it will accumulate errors and the optimizations you can apply will not generate the desired effect.

Is CRO bad for SEO?

The big mistake that some digital marketing experts make is worrying about that their CRO efforts will be bad to organic positioning of the SEO website, or vice versa. The answer simply and completely is NO. There is no conflict between both. And the same thing happens the other way

4 common errors when working with CRO

The 4 CRO errors Error nº 1: ZECRO Effect  Sometimes it does not matter what you do on a website, the conversion rate will remain with no chage. Even if you leave the test active for a long period of time you will not get final results. In these cases is necesary

¿How to get to know if your new website is USELESS

Let’s think about you have a engineers and mechanics team and ask them to build a car for you with all the whims that you’ve always dreamed of. The team of experts, after two weeks, comes back to you and let you know that they already have it and gives

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