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Unlike other traditional agencies that are adapting to the digital transformation of their clients we are a 100% digital native team.



An effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into customers

Diseño y desarrollo Web​

Web Design and Development

We design scalable websites with a high level of usability and focused on conversion so that you achieve your goals.

Campañas SEM - PPC

SEM campaigns - PPC

We give you visibility on google and other search engines optimizing your campaigns.



We advise you so you can improve your search engine positioning using our experience and the best tools.


Digital Analytics

We help you define a measurement plan with which to rate and quantify all your actions and KPIs to grow your business.

Dashboards y Visualización de Datos

Dashboards and Data Visualization

We help you measure the success of your business by establishing the correct KPIs and defining a methodology that allows us to visualize and monitor the achievement of your objectives.

Estrategia digital

Digital Strategy

We help you create an omnichannel strategy so you can boost your business.

Diseño UX/UI

UX / UI design

Focused on innovation, we prioritize functionality over design. To create digital products that attract, delight and maintain your customers.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

We help brands and producers to sell through different marketplaces like Amazon.

Social Media

Whatever your business objectives, Social Networks are a fundamental part of the long-term communication strategy of your business.

Wireframing and functional Prototypes

Wireframes, Prototypes and Mockups are tools that help us communicate the moments of the design process. It is important to understand what to evaluate and what points to focus on.

Diseño y desarrollo Web​

Custom Corporate Websites

Creating a corporate website is a long process because it is based on perfectly understanding the business model and the values ​​of the company.

Rise to the top

We increase your sales

We always start our projects by carrying out various analyzes and tests in order to provide insights and concrete actions that will help optimize the profitability of your digital business.

Test, implement and iterate

ROI fans

We help improve the commercial results of your website / app through the improvement of the conversion of your digital business.

We have the ability to perform tests on our clients’ websites and campaigns to see the impact in real time, which allows us to continue testing and optimizing their performance.

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Best practices

The technological ecosystem is increasingly complex and broader. On a daily basis, startups are rethinking the classic business models. In CROnuts we help companies to understand what the technological framework is and how to position themselves to boost their businesses, making the most of the digital channel.


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Not all websites have the ability to start with conversion optimization. It is vitally important to understand that in order to perform tests that provide us with insights of value we must have high traffic volumes since otherwise we cannot draw true conclusions.

No way, our recommendation is always the same. It is better to have a presence in one or two social networks but work very well on the contents that are shared. Sharing the same on all networks will only cause users to stop following us.

As sure you have seen multiple times the content is king. It is vitally important to have a consistent content strategy that brings genuine value to our target. In this way we can increase the users who arrive at our website in an organic way and retain them in addition to positioning relevant keywords for our business.

We don’t have a magic wand that makes our clients’ businesses grow. That said, what we do have is a team of professionals with proven experience in growing companies thanks to the digital channel, but like all things well done, it takes time and much effort.

We are experts in optimizing the catalog ads or listings of your products in Marketplaces like Amazon so that they appear in the top positions. Including the sale of your products in marketplaces can dramatically increase your business results as it offers immediate access to a large customer base.

We carry out an analysis of all the traffic sources of your website and optimize those that may have a major impact on your business objectives We propose hypotheses that we carry out in tests that will validate the best proposals. That way we can create a continuous improvement process that improves the efficiency of digital campaigns.

We are specialists in attracting traffic, usability and conversion. But that does not limit us since we have a broad knowledge of the digital ecosystem and its operation that allows us to offer a 360º service

Our success is measured with the satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions about our commitment you only have to consult the real testimonials that appear on our homepage.

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