Is CRO bad for SEO?

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The big mistake that some digital marketing experts make is worrying about that their CRO efforts will be bad to organic positioning of the SEO website, or vice versa.

The answer simply and completely is NO. There is no conflict between both.

And the same thing happens the other way around. If you are doing SEO you are positioned to number one so you can work the conversion with complete peace of mind, always of course keeping the meta descriptions, titles and labels in your variations. Here we explain more in detail:

To understand if the CRO affects the SEO, we have listed the 6 components that the algorithm of Google considers when indexing a page:

1) Keyword on the page: optimize your keywords and optimize your materials on the page.

2) Content quality, which includes everything that Google uses to determine if the content is high quality. They have sophisticated algorithms around theme modeling and many other types of analysis.

3) The domain authority describes all the signs that your brand and your website have created from links, participations and participation, etc. And the quality of content throughout the site.

4) Page Authority: individual actions and links and external signs that affect the classification capacity of a page.

5) User data for example measures the bounce rate of your website when users click on the search results and then return to search results because they are not happy.

6) Spam analysis: when you are performing invalid practices to improve your positioning artificially.

These 6 parameters affects the indexing of a website. However, the changes made to the pages for the conversion rate optimization (CRO) only affect the following three options: (1) keyword, (2) content quality and (6) user and usage data. Nothing you are going to do to improve the CRO will negatively affect the authority of your domain, the authority of your page or the analysis of spam.

Therefore, if your conversion rate increases, that is, if you are performing high quality CRO, you are positively benefiting two of the following things:

– You are benefiting your content quality signs; because with the quality of content, Google is analyzing things that would lead people to say: “Yes, I want to buy this”, “Yes, I want to convert”, “Yes, this is interesting for me”. The quality signs that Google uses will be correlated with the same things for which you are optimizing.

– And you are benefiting users and usage data: The more people are converting to your website, the less people leave your website and therefore spend more time on your site.

So, the only thing we have to consider is the keyword and the page. Everything will work out as long as you keep in mind some basic principles.

– You have to keep the keywords for which you intend to position and try to position them in the title of the page. This title should rarely affect you when working the CRO. When you are doing CRO you will rarely modify your title knowing that you already have a good positioning.

– In the same way, the URL is not going to modify it either, since it does not affect the CRO.

And so consecutively for all aspects of SEO on page, with which CRO and SEO align almost all the time, these things are perfectly aligned, which is totally feasible to find a combination of both that has a positive impact in both directions .

Furthermore, is there a problem with SEO, from a technical perspective when showing different content to different users as part of the A/B test?

The answer is completely no, you do not need to worry about this. Feel free to take the A/B test. The technical problems, as far as Google is concerned, should be practically non-existent.

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